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Legend of Orion: Adventure

Is a dungeon building adventure hack and slash game for the Nintendo Switch. Craft your own dungeons to share with your friends online, build up the defenses of your treasure vault to defend against thieves and monsters alike, or take control of your customizable Hero, as you fight and traverse your way through user created dungeons, in the search for items or power, legendary weapons, mystical relics, and most importantly, GOLD!

Strike enemies with sword, staff, arrow, or spell. Place bait and bombs, sneak past sleeping giants, and knock exploding goblins into pits. This action adventure hack-and-slasher packs a real punch!

About Studio Noir, LLC

We are a small indie game studio based out of Tempe, AZ. Composed mainly of game design students, and fueled by a love for classic video gaming. We have one goal… to combine classic, retro and nostalgic game play with the current and next generation of gaming technology in turn, creating truly modern classics.